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Overture Maps has announced the deprecation of the admins theme, to be replaced with a new divisions theme. In the April 2024 release, the divisions schema became available to users; the divisions data became available in the May 2024 release. Both admins and divisions will coexist for the next two releases (June and July). In the August 2024 release, admins will be removed from Overture Maps. We encourage you to begin the transition to divisions now.


The Overture Maps divisions theme includes features that represent human settlements in the real world, such as countries, regions, states, cities and towns.

Divisions feature types

  • A division is a feature type that represents an official or non-official organization of people-- country, region, province, city, neighborhood, etc.-- as seen from a given political perspective. It has a Point geometry which gives an approximate location of the position most commonly associated with the feature.
  • A division_area is a feature type that captures the shape of the land area, or land and territorial sea (maritime), belonging to a division feature. It has a Polygon or MultiPolygon geometry.
  • A boundary is a feature type that represents a shared border between two division features. It has a LineString geometry. The geometry of a boundary is either wholly non-maritime, or wholly maritime. A maritime boundary is the extension of a non-maritime boundary into the water.

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