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The Overture Maps divisions theme includes features that represent human settlements in the real world, such as countries, regions, states, cities and towns.

Divisions feature types

  • A division is a feature type that represents an official or non-official organization of people-- country, region, province, city, neighborhood, etc.-- as seen from a given political perspective. It has a Point geometry which gives an approximate location of the position most commonly associated with the feature.
  • A division_area is a feature type that captures the shape of the land area, or land and territorial sea (maritime), belonging to a division feature. It has a Polygon or MultiPolygon geometry.
  • A boundary is a feature type that represents a shared border between two division features. It has a LineString geometry. The geometry of a boundary is either wholly non-maritime, or wholly maritime. A maritime boundary is the extension of a non-maritime boundary into the water.

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