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We invite you to explore the many tutorials, blog posts, and projects created by the Overture Maps community. Want to build your own project? Get started here.

ProjectCreatorData Release
Overture Maps R LibraryDennis IrorereMay 2024
Getting and Visualizing Overture Maps Buildings Data in RKyle WalkerMay 2024
Exploring Overture Map Data: a Qualitative and Quantitative AnalysisKshitij Raj Sharma, Humanitarian Open Street MapMay 2024
Using the Overture Maps Python Library With LonboardKyle Barron, Development SeedApril 2024
Overture Maps Data in Big Query and Snowflake: How to Use it With CartoJavier de la Torre & Helen McKenzie, CartoApril 2024
Making Overture Maps Data More Efficient With GeoParquet and Apache SedonaFeng Jiang, Microsoft; Jia Yu and William Lyon, WherobotsApril 2024
Overture Maps DownloaderYoussef HarbyApril 2024
Exploring Overture Buildings in teamMarch 2024
Go Cloud Native! Overture GeoParquet, From Object Store to Feature Layer via Online NotebookBruce Harold, EsriJanuary 2024
Getting Overture Maps Data Into PostGISPavlos DemetriadesJanuary 2024
Tokyo Walking Guide TourMark Litwintschik, ConsultantJanuary 2024
Planetiler Overture DemoMichael BarryDecember 2023
Mapping the Future: How Overture Transportation Network Data Model Enhances Geospatial ApplicationsSiavash Shakeri, TomTomNovember 2023
How to Query Overture Maps Data in ArcGIS Pro With DuckDBEmmanuel Jolaiya AyodeleNovember 2023
Overture's Global Geospatial DatasetsMark Litwintschik, ConsultantNovember 2023
Enriching Overture Data With GERSDeane Kensok, EsriOctober 2023
Creating Map Tiles From Overture DataBrandon Liu, ProtomapsOctober 2023
A Workflow for Using Overture Places Data in OSMMikel Maron, Earth GenomeOctober 2023
Using Overture Maps Data in GeoAnalytics EngineSarah Battersby, EsriOctober 2023
Tools for Working With Open Building DatasetsChris Holmes, Radiant EarthOctober 2023
Let's Explore Overture MapsTanya Singh, unicube geospatial solutionsOctober 2023
Importing Overture Maps Data Into Neo4jWilliam Lyon, WherobotsJuly 2023
Overture Maps Data for Japan@shi_worksJuly 2023
Overture Places Quality AnalysisWillie Marcel, Development SeedJuly 2023
Harnessing Overture Maps Data: Apache Sedona's Journey From Parquet to GeoParquetJia Yu, WherobotsJuly 2023
Overture Cheat Sheet, work in progressScott Parks, postholer.comJuly 2023
Accessing Overture Maps' Global Dataset Using Athena (AWS)Feye Andal, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap TeamJuly 2023
Exploring the Overture Maps Places Data Using DuckDB, sqlite-utils and DatasetteSimon Willison, DatasetteJuly 2023
Overture Buildings and Places (Cloud-Native Geo Experiments)Chris Holmes, Radiant EarthJuly 2023