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Getting Overture Data

Overture's five data themes — base, buildings, admins/divisions, places, and transportation — are freely available on both Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage at these locations:

Amazon S3s3://overturemaps-us-west-2/release/
Azure Blob Storage

The latest release path is:



Overture distributes its datasets as GeoParquet, a column-oriented spatial data format that is a backwards-compatible extension of Apache Parquet. Parquet (and GeoParquet) is optimized for "cloud-native" queries, which means you can use many developer-friendly tools to efficiently fetch column "chunks" of cloud-hosted data. We encourage users who are new to GeoParquet to consult this guide.

We strongly recommend accessing the data in the cloud using the services available in AWS and Azure, where the data are stored, or by using a locally-installed query engine like DuckDB. This allows you to download only the subset of data you want. You can also try Overture's experimental Python command-line tool to download data by feature type and area of interest.

What if I want ALL the data?


Are you sure? The total size of all the files is ~440 GB.

It is possible to download the GeoParquet files directly from either Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3. Here's how you can do it:

After installing the AWS CLI, you can download the files from S3 using the below command. Set <DESTINATION> to a local directory path to download the files, or to an s3:// path you control to copy them into your S3 bucket.

aws s3 cp --region us-west-2 --no-sign-request --recursive s3://overturemaps-us-west-2/release/2024-07-22.0/ <DESTINATION>

You can download the files from Azure Blob Storage using Azure Storage Explorer or the AzCopy command. An example azcopy command is given below.

azcopy copy "" "<<local directory path>>"  --recursive