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The Overture Maps buildings theme describes human-made structures with roofs or interior spaces that are permanently or semi-permanently in one place (source: OSM building definition). The theme includes two feature types:

  • building: The most basic form of a building feature. The geometry is expected to be the most outer footprint -- or roofprint if traced from satellite/aerial imagery -- of a building.
  • building_part: A single part of a building. Building parts may have the same properties as buildings. A building part is associated with a parent building via a building_id.
Attribute tables for the GeoParquet files in the buildings theme
idvarcharA feature ID that may be associated with the Global Entity Reference System (GERS) if—and-only-if the feature represents an entity that is part of GERS.
geometryblobA building's geometry is defined as its footprint or roofprint (if traced from aerial/satellite imagery). MUST be a Polygon as defined by GeoJSON schema.
bboxstructArea defined by two longitudes and two latitudes: latitude is a decimal number between -90.0 and 90.0; longitude is a decimal number between -180.0 and 180.0.
sourcesstructThe array of source information for the properties of a given feature. Each source object lists the property in JSON Pointer notation and the dataset from which that specific value originated.
subtypevarcharA broad category of the building type and purpose.
namesstructThe name associated with the feature. The first entry in the array of names must have a "local" language.
classvarcharFurther delineation of the building's built purpose.
levelintegerThe building feature's Z-order, i.e., stacking order. A Z-order of 0 is ground level.
has_partsbooleanFlag indicating whether the building has parts.
heightdoubleHeight of the building or part in meters. The height is the distance from the lowest point to the highest point.
num_floorsintegerNumber of above-ground floors of the building or part.
min_heightdoubleThe height of the bottom part of building in meters. Used if a building or part of building starts above the ground level.
min_floorintegerThe "start" floor of a building or building part. Indicates that the building or part is "floating" and its bottom-most floor is above ground level, usually because it is part of a larger building in which some parts do reach ground level.
facade_colorvarcharThe color (name or color triplet) of the facade of a building or building part in hexadecimal.
facade_materialvarcharThe outer surface material of building facade.
roof_materialvarcharThe outermost material of the roof.
roof_shapevarcharThe shape of the roof.
roof_directiondoubleBearing of the roof ridge line.
roof_orientationvarcharOrientation of the roof shape relative to the footprint shape. Either "along" or "across."
roof_colorvarcharThe color (name or color triplet) of the roof of a building or building part in hexadecimal.

Schema reference