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Common properties

Overture Maps features are defined by three core properties:

  • theme is a mandatory property analogous to "layer". The term is deliberately chosen to avoid some of the baggage that goes along with the word "layer".
    • Examples: transportation, buildings, places, administrative
  • type is a mandatory property representing a feature type within the theme:
    • Example: theme=transportation, type=segment
    • Example: theme=buildings, type=building
  • subtype is an optional property which can further refine the feature type within.
    • Example: theme=transportation, type=segment, subtype=road

Other common properties include:

  • bbox is the bounding box for the feature, defined by two longitudes and two latitudes: latitude is a decimal number between -90.0 and 90.0; longitude is a decimal number between -180.0 and 180.0.
  • version is the version number of the feature, incremented in each Overture Maps release where the geometry or attributes of this feature changed.
  • update_timeis the timestamp when the feature was last updated
  • sources is the array of source information for the properties of a given feature, with each entry being a source object which lists the property in JSON Pointer notation and the dataset that specific value came from. All features must have a root level source which is the default source if a specific property's source is not specified.
  • `ext_' is the prefix for any additional top-level properties.

Complex attributes

Some feature properties are quite complex and require further explanation.

  • Names: where applicable, complex attributes such as names will always use the same schema across all themes.
  • Scoped and rule-based properties: a scoping property narrows the scope of its parent property and may only apply to a particular instance of the parent property; rule-based property is an array of rules, which are objects containing at least one scoping property.
  • Transportation: the transportation schema is our most complex with many attributes that require additional documentation.