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GERS IDA unique ID representing a real-world entity, such as a building, road segment, parking lot, or even a park bench.
Contributed DatasetA dataset maintained by Overture that a foundation member has contributed to Overture. These datasets are converted to the appropriate Overture schema for their type. For GERS-enabled layers (buildings, transportation, etc.), data is given a GERS ID. These data are now forever part of the Overture Corpus
Overture DatasetAn open dataset that is registered with Overture and thereby is included in GERS, but not maintained by Overture.
Outside Dataset / Proprietary DataA dataset outside of Overture is proprietary data that a company or individual does not want to make fully open, but desires to associate with Overture data.

The dataset owner can conflate their data against the current Overture map to identify any existing GERS IDs that map to their own data, but they cannot generate new GERS IDs for entities that do not already exist in the Overture corpus.